What Is The Best Self Tanner? Guide To Self Tanning Products

self tannerWho could possibly argue against the notion that nothing is more attractive than the Mediterranean glow afforded by warm, sun-kissed skin? It is a simple fact really. Perfectly bronzed skin is something that Coco Chanel graced us with in the summer of 1920, and since then no fashion accessory has been able to compete. That caramel radiance is something that reminds us all of pristine beaches, crisp cocktails and Mama Nature’s most successful anti-depressant: the Sun. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to soak up those rays, not least because of the threat of melanoma. Self tanners, however, are our saving grace. It is important to learn how to use self tanner effectively – silly mistakes can be fairly ghastly to look at or deal with.

Sunless tanning can be a fair bit of a challenge if you aren’t quite sure of what the product is or how to use it. In short, self tanners are lotions or sprays that contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone. While the name may seem like a mouthful, its function is actually quite simple. Dihydroxyacetone reacts with the dead skin cells on the uppermost level of the skin, causing them to darken of their own accord. The effect typically lasts for a few days, depending on the intensity of the chemical.

How to Use Self Tanner?

Applying any self-tanning products requires a certain amount of care. If you are unable to achieve a perfectly uniform application, you could find yourself dealing with some serious blotchiness. No one wants a patchwork tan, however, so it might be a good idea to ask for help on those hard to reach spots. The best way to apply a self-tanning lotion is to ensure that you cover the surface of your skin in a very thin layer of the product. Wait for it to dry completely before putting on any clothing to avoid the pigment sticking to the material and leaving you with colorless patches.

How to Apply Self Tanner Video

In this video you’ll see Kandee Johnson from kandeej.com giving a demonstration how to apply self tanner, what problems see face during that process and which tips/tricks you need to solve them. She uses the exfoliator and self tanner from Sun Laboratories which get some really good reviews on Amazon.com. Gift set available on Amazon.com (buy here) for just $35 dollars.

Check for Sunscreen

Because sunless tanning is intended as a way to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, it might be a good idea to check whether your choice of self tanner has sunscreen in it. It is important to remember that not every product will contain a decent amount of sunscreen. Although your skin may look brown and gorgeously impervious to sunburn, you’re still going to need a product with a high enough sun protection factor.

How to Remove Self Tanner?

Occasionally, you’ll find yourself making a minor mistake with the application of your sunless tanning product. In this case, you’re going to want to know how to remove self tanner. The removal of any tanning product needs to be done carefully to avoid unpleasant streaking. A decent sugar scrub will enable you to gently slough away any streaks. Make sure to be gentle with your skin though. You want to remove the product, not the dermis. Surprisingly enough, a bit of toothpaste applied to the affected area can also assist in removing unwanted self-tanner because it works in the same way that it does to lift unpleasant coffee and wine stains from your teeth.

If you manage to somehow seriously botch your home tan, leaving yourself looking several shades darker than you originally intended there are two clever approaches. If you simply have skin that’s a few shades too dark, then you should soak your body in baby oil. This will soften the top layer of skin and leave you a shade or so lighter. If you have a painfully dark tan and horrible streaks and patches, a tan removal product can be a life safer. Although these products are often pricier, they contain bleaching agents that will remove the self tanner completely.

Did You Know..

It is also important to remember that a large amount of chemicals in any product might cause adverse reactions on the skin. Dihydroxyacetone is a chemical that might have a limited shelf life, and using any product containing DHA could lead to some seriously unpleasant rashes. Unless the product is used within the time frame specified on the packaging, you might find that the acidity isn’t stable enough to be used without causing irritation. In addition to this, studies have shown that DHA might actually prevent the production of Vitamin D – lack of which can lead to a higher cancer risk. Pregnant women, in particular, will do well to stay away from this chemical which could lead to minor radiation problems as well.
best self tanner

Best Self Tanning Products Online

If used cleverly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, sunless tanning products can be quite effective. Amazon.com has a host of great products. The great thing about shopping for these products online is that you’ll find customer reviews that go along with them. In general, you’re going to want to look out for lotions, sprays, gels and creams that are easy to use. No one likes a complicated, laborious tanning process. The following is a list of “idiot proof” lotions and sprays that have often been labeled as the “best self tanner” available online:

Best Self Tanner for Legs and Arms

Terracotta Self-Tanning Spray for the Body from Guerlaine: Sprays are easier to use than lotions as they assist in the application of a fine mist rather than thick, streaky lines of the product. Priced around $90 dollars this self tanning spray is costly. Lasts long and if you use the good color excellent product.

Self-Tanning Towelettes from TanTowel: These can be stored in your handbag whenever you feel like your tan needs a quick pick-me-up. A very fair price compared to the Guerlaine tanning spray, only $18 dollars for 10 towelettes. Take a look at these TanTowel Self Tanning Towelettes now!

Best Self Tanner for Gradual Tanning

Sublime Glow for the Body from L’Oreal: A natural-looking, slow-progressing tan lends more authenticity. A $9 dollar investment for a sublime glow sounds cheap, however out 55 customer reviews it get a 4,5 (out of 5) star rating!

Natural Glow from Jergens: This is probably the most affordable and surprisingly high quality product you’ll find online. For only $7 dollars this is a no-brainer!

Best Self Tanner for Face

#1. Dove Energy Glow Daily Face Moisturizer with Self Tanner: Gentle enough to use fairly frequently. Available on Amazon.com for only $15 dollars.

#2. Fake Bake Flawless from Fake Bake: This very popular product works for body and face. Over 640 customer reviews and still getting 4,5 star! Simply amazing and for nearly $15 dollars a real bargain!

Best Self Tanner for Paler/Fair Skin

#1. Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanning lotion. 3, six ounce tubes for around $20, a fair price if you keep in mind it get 4,5 star out of 154 customer reviews! Quality product that is streak free, oil free and quick drying!

#2. Self Tanning Bronzer Mousse from St Tropez: This light mousse assists in avoiding dark streaks and spots. Available in a 8 oz can for a long lasting sun kissed look!

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California Tan Instant Sunless Spray: innovative and handy packaging for easy application and storage. Because of the breakthrough fragrance technology there are no odors! Instead of an irritating odor the spray has a fresh sunny fragrance. Provides instant rich bronze color in a quick-dry formula that is sure to bring out the very best color-rich sunless tan. Priced around $20 on amazon.com!