Choosing The Best Tanning Bronzer

best tanning bronzerHave you ever wondered what a tanning bronzer is and how to choose the best product for your individual skin type? Instead of harming the skin with real sun exposure, you may wish to use a bronzer instead. This product can give the skin a tan appearance without being exposed to the sun, or it may be used to accelerate a dark color after a short time in a tanning bed. Here’s how to choose the best tanning bronzer and the proper way to apply it to the skin.

What is a Bronzer?

A bronzer is a product that gives you the look of darker skin without the need to tan in the sun. This helps to avoid damage that is caused by UV rays. This type of product typically contains vitamins, moisturizer, and chemicals like DHA. This item interacts with amino acids that are found in dead skin, which darkens the tone. Most bronzing lotions will last for up to a week. Some of these products contain natural pigments. These will dye the skin into a darker shade.

How to Apply a Skin Bronzer

It is important to understand the best ways to apply a skin bronzer. To begin, it is essential to exfoliate the skin. Getting rid of dead skin will prevent uneven application. It is also important to moisturize the skin. This will help to keep the deep color as long as possible. Certain tanners already include moisturizing ingredients. It may be smart to choose a product that is tinted and not white. White bronzers may be harder to apply without streaking.

When to Apply a Tanning Bronzer?

A bronzer should be applied before going tanning. It is important to pay attention to creases on the body and to wash your hands after application. After a tanning session, the bronzer will begin to darken over time. It is wise not to shower for at least two hours after application. For people who do not want to physically lay and tan, it is possible to use a product that does not require actual tanning.

While this video is created for St Tropez Tanning Bronzers and products you can also use some tips with other tanning bronzers.

What are the Best Tanning Bronzers?

There are numerous bronzers on the market. It is important to comprehend what product will be best for certain conditions.

Best Tanning Bronzer for Fair Skin

Fair skin will work best with a product like NIVEA Sun-Kissed Radiance for Fair to Medium Skin. It gives a subtle glow that will not leave skin appearing orange. Fair price of around $7 dollars which gives you a wonderful tanning bronzer for people with fair skin.

Best Tanning Bronzer for Dark Skin

People with darker skin may choose Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion. It has a pleasant smell and is filled with hydrating nutrients. Available around $25 dollar and a 4 star customer review from over 350! customers. With this one you can’t go wrong.

Best Tanning Bronzer for Tanning Bed

The best product to use before visiting a tanning bed is Solid Black Advanced 100X Silicone Bronzer. It has auto darkening technology. After a person established a good base tan, this bronzer will bring a darker tone within a few short tanning sessions. This is the #1 tanning bed lotion with bronzer available, priced around $15 it’s very cheap and the four star rating out of 2700 customer reviews on confirms this is a quality tanning bronzer.

Best Tanning Product for ‘Normal’ Skin

The best product for normal skin is All natural self tanning lotion by Oak & Olive Essentials. It smells nice, firms skin, and produces a good tan. With a 4 star rating from 85 customer reviews and costing about $25 dollars this tanning bronzer is a no-brainer.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of bronzing products. When you want to achieve an even glow, the above products may be helpful. Applying the products properly, will give best results that look natural and even.

How to Apply Tanning Bronzer Video

In this video from St Tropez Tan you can see and hear some great general tips if you want to know how to apply a tanning bronzer the best way. They show you how to apply it to your body, arms and legs and how much you use to get a good result. They also tell you what to do before and after using the tanning bronzer.

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