Get a Tanning Tattoo with Tan Tattoo Stickers

silly bandz tanningDo you love tattoos but have an aversion to commitment? I have an awesome low cost and high fun option; why not try a tanning tattoo? Yep that’s right! Tanning tattoos are simple and easy to do. Here are a few of my favorite tan tattoo options.

Stuck on You

The easiest way to get a tanning tattoo is to use some stickers you may have lying around from scrap booking, party invites or card making. Get extra crafty with your craft supply! Scrap booking stickers come in a variety of fun shapes and patterns. Did you celebrate a birthday lately? If so, maybe you have some cute cupcake stickers you used for the invites lying around. You will look very sweet if you apply a cupcake sticker to your hip bone before heading out into the summer sun. If you want something a little more sophisticated look for a border print sticker. Wrap the border print around your upper arm, wrist or ankle for a cool tribal looking design. Dip into your sticker collection and see what you can find to create a cute summer tan sticker.

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Hearts A Fire

i love tanningI really like this design, and it is easy to do with a simple set of heart stickers. You might need a friend to help you. Once you have your suit on, have your friend line up some hearts going down your spine. It is up to you how many to use. You want to make sure the trail of hearts ends before the back strap of you swim suit. This look is sexy and will add some great visual interest to your back tan line. If you like, you can also use stars or diamond shapes. I love this design for its directional design and versatility.

Silly Bands Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

If you are a kid at heart or have kids at home, get some silly bands for your tanning tattoo design. These cute little cookie cutter designs make amazing bold shapes when placed on the body while tanning. It can be hard to decide what silly bands to use because they come in so many cute shapes like mermaids, princess or unicorns. The trick here is to get an even shape. You may have to commit to a tanning tattoo on the front of your body like the hip, thigh or stomach. Silly bands do not adhere to the body and will need to be properly a lined on the body once you are in a good tanning position. It may sound cumbersome, but the finished look will be fantastic.


tanning tattoo stickers
Play the name game with letter stickers for some fantastic tanning tattoo designs. I really like this idea for a cute thug like vibe to your summer sun tattoo. When you select alphabet stickers for your tanning tattoo make sure the font is big and thick enough to be seen if the letter font is too thin, the words will be hard to read. Also if the letters are too small, it will be difficult to place and replace them onto the skin if necessary. Spell out your name or your favorite summer saying on your stomach, down your leg, down your forearm or across your back. Or if the name game isn’t your thing, try a tanning design in letters that spell out your favorite acronym or inspirational word. Wear a tanning tattoo in perfect summer phrases like YOLO(You Only Live Once) or inspirations words like faith. Spell it out with some witty words for summer tan tattoos.

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Look Sizzling!

Tanning tattoos look great paired with your go to denims cut offs or the perfect summer dress. Think of tanning tattoos as a summer accessory that will enhance your summer look from hot to sizzling. This summer get your tan on, with the personalized look of tanning tattoos, that don’t require your commitment for life.