Spray Tanning Tips

spray tanning tipsIf you have ever gone tanning, then you have probably wondered what spray tanning is all about. Spray tanning is the application of chemicals that mimic the effects of the sun on your skin, producing an even, sunless tan. This method of tanning has been around since about 1997. If you are considering spray tanning as an alternative to tanning beds, then you should know more about spray tanning methods and tips for tanning and keeping your tan. Here are some important facts and tips about spray tanning that will help you when you go to get your new tan.

Today, spray tanning comes in two forms, airbrushing and tanning booths. The airbrushing method of spray tanning involves a technician using an airbrush machine to apply the tanning chemicals to your body. The second method of spray tanning is automatic tanning booths, which apply an even, continuous mist of tanning chemicals over your body while you stand in the booth. Both methods of spray tanning offer degrees of tan, and allow you to choose how tan you would like to be.

Tanning through spray tans is much safer that using a tanning bed or laying in the sun. Spray tans take out the harmful UV rays which are the main cause of skin cancer. The main chemical in spray tans, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has been tested and marked as safe for use by the FDA. Spray tanning has even been approved for pregnant women, but it is important to keep the chemicals out of your eyes.

Spray Tanning Tips

When you go to get your spray tan, it is important to go prepared with tips and techniques to ensure you get the best tan possible.

Before Tanning

The first thing to remember when going for a spray tan is to shower, exfoliate and shave before your tanning session. Exfoliating your skin before your session removes the top layers of dead skin, and helps your spray tan in two ways; removing these layers of dead skin gives you a smoother, more even tan and allows your tan to last longer. Shaving, or waxing, the night before your tanning session ensures that you won’t shave the day of your tan, which would remove layers of your tan in the process.

Do not exercise, sweat or shower for about six hours after your tanning session, because any water running over your skin can cause streaks, light spots, or wash away your tan.

After Tanning

After your tanning session, try to avoid wearing tight clothes, panties or bras for five to six hours. Any tight clothing rubbing against your skin can cause spots where your tan is not even or present at all. The best thing to wear after getting your spray tan is a loose sun dress or other light, loose clothing. Once you get home, it is most advisable to sit on a towel because if a bronzer is present in the spray chemicals, you could wind up staining clothes or furniture.

After six hours has passed you can safely shower without harming your tan. Showering removes excess residue from your session. After showering, you can also exercise or perform other activities without damaging your new sunless tan.

Mystic Spray Tan Before and After Video

Claire Ashley made a video where she explains what to do when you go spray tanning. She did the mystic spray tanning booth. I’ve written down only the spray tanning tips that we did not covered yet in this article.

We didn’t covered this exactly, but don’t wear any make up when you’re going to the tanning salon for a spray tan.

  • Just saying this again because it’s so important, exfoliate your skin before tanning will maximize results, she uses St.Ives fresh skin apricot scrub. (buy here on Amazon.com)
  • She advises to apply a thick layer of barrier cream onto your hands and feet, this prevents build up in crevices.
  • Don’t forget to remove all jewelry before spray tanning!
  • In the tanning booth you stand in four different poses and getting instructions from a computer.

How to Prolong the Tan

After you have gotten your spray tan, you will want to make sure it stays around for as long as possible. There are a few ways to prolong the life of your tan.

  • Firstly, moisturizing every morning and evening will keep your skin healthy and help your tan last longer. Healthy skin cells take longer to die and become the layer of skin that gets exfoliated.
  • Avoid using skin care products that contain acids or harsh chemicals since these products speed up exfoliation of skin and will shorten the length of your tan.

Another thing to keep in mind for your spray tan is not to apply moisturizer the day of your tan. Applying a moisturizer before getting a spray tan can prevent the chemicals from making contact with your skin, either preventing you from tanning or leaving blotchy patches in your tan, so come to your session clean and dry.

We hope you have learned something from all these spray tanning tips.