Tanning Bed Tips

tanning bed tipsHave you ever wondered how you can achieve perfectly tan skin without the harm? It’s true that most people enjoy the look of bronzed skin, but getting there can be a challenge. If you’re someone that burns easily, lying out in the sun may not be the best idea. Fortunately, you can achieve a worry-free tan by using a tanning bed. All it takes is a bit of preparation and maintenance to ensure you are treating your skin in a healthy manner. Here are a few tanning bed tips that you’ll find practical and easy to follow, while maximizing your success for a golden bronze body.

Build a Base Tan

You don’t want your skin to burn, as this is when skin irritations and discomfort kick in. To avoid this, it’s critical that you establish a base tan. This is achieved by regular tanning in short sessions. Since everyone tans at different rates, one person many achieve their base tan in a few days, while another person will take weeks. In general, you’ll want to tan for eight out of twelve days. Be sure to start with just a few minutes in the beginning and then work yourself up. Once you have achieved the base tan, you can maintain it without worrying about burning the skin.


One of the best tanning bed safety tips is to provide regular maintenance for your tan. Too often, people achieve their tan and then don’t maintain it properly, which means the golden bronze is lost. They then jump back in a tanning bed for too long and burn their skin. To avoid this, make sure that you continue tanning about two times per week. Also switch between low intensity and high intensity settings. Remember, excess tanning will not darken your tan, so just make it your objective to maintain what you have.

Tanning Preparations

It’s not just what you do in the tanning bed that’s important. Before heading to the tanning salon, shower and use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Apply a moisturizer or lotion that will act as a barrier and penetrate into the skin. Make sure to layer on the moisturizer in delicate areas such as on the buttocks or breasts. For an even tan that will protect these areas, consider wearing a bathing suit.

Always wear goggles in the tanning bed and never wear contact lenses. After tanning include applying moisturizing lotion each day after you shower. For your comfort, wear loose fitting clothing such as a tank top, cotton shorts and flip flops. Tanning bed tips for men include the same such as applying fragrance-free, dye-free moisturizers and wearing loose clothing.

Diet and Soap

Other tanning tips and tricks include the things you eat and the soap you use. Although it sounds odd, the old adage of “you are what you eat” is true in this case. Once you have established a healthy base tan, incorporate foods that have high beta-carotene such as carrots, radishes and tomatoes. It’s also important to use the right types of soaps, as certain soaps cause excess drying. Stick to those that are made with cocoa and Shea butters and have moisturizing properties. Dove is one of the best soaps to use.

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Tanning Bed Videos

There are a lot videos on Youtube.com that give tips for tanning bed users. We’ve selected this video with some tips we did not talked about yet. If you don’t want to see the video, we’ve written the tips down below the video.

Safety tips for tanning bed users from the video:

  • your skin needs to be hydrated with a lotion, protects skin
  • wear tanning goggles when tanning to protect your eyes.
  • for women: wear nail and toe saversto protect your nails
  • wear a tanning hair cap to protect your dyed hair
  • cover tattoos or other spots you don’t want to get color on

If ever in doubt, be sure to ask the tanning salon for a tanning chart that outlines the different skin types, ranging from pale white to dark brown skin, as well as their reactions to sun exposure. With these helpful, practical tanning bed tips, you can achieve the beautiful, bronzed skin you’ve been dreaming of, while still protecting your skin.