Tanning Salon Prices

tanning salon pricesPricing for tanning salon services are not standard and you can expect rates to vary greatly. The rates for tanning on a tanning bed will differ from airbrush tanning. Customized services will also cost more and of course tanning salon prices in more hi-end places will cost more than small neighborhood tanning salons. Specials, deals and memberships are a great way to save money and frequent indoor tanners will save a lot by taking advantage of promotions. Prices also cost more in cosmopolitan areas than in suburban localities. The prices below will give you an idea and understanding of what you can expect to pay. It is a rough guide but you can compare the prices and determine if what you’ll be paying is reasonable or not.

Airbrush Tanning Rates

Prices can vary from $25 to as much as $150, the more coats the higher the rate. Expect to pay more in major cities, where operating costs are higher than smaller cities or towns. Familiarizing yourself with the brands used to spray your body will also explain why some airbrush tanning salons charges more. Some products used are simply better and will give your body a more natural appearing tan. Some products are cheaper and you’ll probably pay less for a service that uses the cheapest products on the market. Some tanning salons also offer tanning specific body parts whether full body or just feet or even just tanning your neck. Packages of several tans can save you between 10% – %20.

Spray Tanning Booth Rates

Prices typically range between $15 to $40 but paying around $25 is the average. The quality of the booth and the type of mist it uses will determine how much you will have to pay. Some booths allow you to select the type of shade you want and these sophisticated booths charge more.

Tanning Beds Session Rates

Paying $5 for a very basic tan session on a basic tanning bed is not uncommon. The better the tanning bed the more you will have to pay. A deeper tan will cost approximately $15 per session and a session on a high pressure tanning bed will cost around $25.

Tanning Salon Packages, Specials and Membership

Memberships and packages offer discounted tanning pricing plans all the time and some of them are permanent or semi-permanent. A single session on a tanning bed might cost $12 but a package for 10 sessions might cost you only $80, saving you $40 or 33%. Monthly membership might also seem appealing but you have to ask yourself do you really want unlimited sessions for a flat fee? There might not be any value at all because there are only but so many times that you can tan your body per month. Yearly membership on the other hand might be the best value, you can show up at any time and for persons that frequent tanning salons the savings can add up to a lot of money.

Tanning salon prices result of several factors including tanning salon cost, and of course competition for your business making it possible to find prices or a membership that is affordable. Ask yourself what kind of tanner are you. Are you a one time tanner or do you want a tan to be a part of your life, or a part of your look. Also the cheapest tan might not necessarily be the best tan and finding a tanning salon that offers quality tans for a reasonable price is something you can be content with.