Tanning Salon Tips

tanning salon tipsAre you thinking about tanning at a salon? If so, there are some things that you need to know! Even though the media has tried to scare people away from salons, tanning can be safe and even beneficial if done properly and in moderation. People with mild skin disorders benefit from tanning as do people who get a bit of the mid-season blahs. The vitamin D boost you’ll get from tanning will have you in a good mood in no time! If you follow these tanning salon tips you’ll be sure to have a pleasant experience and a lovely, brown glow.

Safe Tanning Salon Tips

Tour the Salon: any salon owner should be happy to give you a tour. Make sure that the salon is in good repair. The floors throughout the salon should be clean but particularly in the rooms. You’ll be walking in your bare feet after all! General cleanliness and hygienic practices should be obvious. If the salon itself is clean, you can be fairly certain that they are taking care of their beds just as well.

Ask Questions: how long are first-time tanners permitted to lie in the bed or use the standing ‘bed’? People that have never tanned, or those that are fair skinned, should only be permitted to tan for a maximum of 10 minutes for the first few visits. This will allow guests to build a base tan and reduce the risk of burning. A salon that allows first time tanners a full visit to the bed may not know proper procedure and should be avoided.

Your First Visit

Packages: different salons offer different tanning packages. Some will allow you to purchase unlimited tanning for a set period of days (usually a month) or a set number of tans that can be spread out over a year. Decide which will be the better value for you before you purchase one or the other.

What to Bring: salons offer eye protection but you may want to purchase your own. Tanning goggles are fairly inexpensive and are essential when lying in a tanning bed to prevent eye damage. Bring along a change of clothes if you’re going somewhere directly from the salon. You may also want to bring a towel of your own to wipe off after you’re out of the bed; you’ll be a bit sweaty. Don’t forget the tanning lotion! You can buy single packs at the salon but it’s more cost-effective to buy your own full bottle.

Tanning Salon Lotions

Reviews: the best way to choose a tanning lotion is to get online and read reviews. Some tanning lotions work wonderfully, some not so much. By reading reviews and ratings given by current and past users, you’ll be sure to get a tanning lotion perfect for you on the first try!

Bronzing Lotion: these lotions contain a bronzer much like a self-tanning lotion. You’ll get an immediate glow that will last through several showers.

Tingle: these lotions aren’t for everyone! As you like in the tanning bed you’ll feel a slight tingle on your skin. If you don’t think this is something you would enjoy, skip these types of lotions.

Tanning Salon Coupons

Tanning salon coupons can be found online and in flyers sent in the post or inserted into the newspaper. These coupons can offer great discounts on packages in general or packages for new clients to the salon. See if the salon you’ve chosen has a website that offers coupons or simply ask them if they offer any discounts to first-time clients. It never hurts to ask and you may save some money!

There once was a Tanning Salon Tips video

In a video on Youtube.com we can listen to the story of Lauren. Lauren tanned a lot in the past and she wants to share her knowledge and experiences with first-timers. She explains which offers a tanning salon can give and the difference between high and low pressure beds (High pressure beds have more UVA compared to UVB. Low pressure beds have a ratio closer to the sun, with more UVB (about 5-8%)). She also tells about her experience with spray tanning and airbrush tanning and a few other tips that we already explained to you.

Unfortunately the video isn’t longer available on Youtube, it was a pretty long video 7.27 minutes but we value her honest opinion and experience on tanning salons. She uses this moisturizer: Vaseline Butter Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning. Overall: useful customer experience and tanning salon tips.